Mac deleted all my program and safari passwords!

  o4c 12:43 26 Feb 2018

Context: My mac had been running low on disk space for an unknown reason which I was investigating over a couple of weeks, quite perplexed given that every time I would free up some, it would get filled up quickly through an unknown source.

The Problem: At one point about two days ago, one of my mac mail passwords was persistently asking me to log in, even though Mail itself was closed. And also when I opened Skype it asked me for my username and password, although it was constantly logged in. I did not take notice. But then yesterday I try to log in to a site which I frequent and it didn't auto fill. I went to keychain to look it up manually and all my passwords were gone (except wifi). I went to the keychain folder and there was no additional folder in there :(

Question: How should I proceed to get those passwords back? It seems some of the sites that had the "remember me" feature are still logged in (cookies?) but I have no idea what the passwords are. Others are logged out completely. Will a HDD recovery tool find the keychain file(s)?

I am perplexed and annoyed as apart from ruining various HDDs, that Mac would delete passwords too (this is across various devices), but I have to use it due to work. These things never used to happen on windows, and when they did they were easily recoverable...

Any constructive help would be greatly appreciated!

  bremner 13:51 26 Feb 2018

Do you have Keychain switched on in your iCloud Settings? and do you any other apple devices connected to the same iCloud account

  o4c 16:04 23 Mar 2018

Hi bremmer, no I do not have iCloud activated on any of my devices. I managed to find the database with the information (all encrypted of course so I cannot access the information in order to manually put them in again) and I made a copy of it to another folder just in case. The system has completely blocked my access to my passwords (ie. changed username from XXX to System and changed the password too, so I can't even view my wifi passwords)

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