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  douglas1973 19:26 14 Aug 2008

A few years back a close friend asked me to recommend a broadband supplier. I recommended Pipex and until about 6 months ago their service was fairly good. Unfortunately since then it has been absolutely appaling and so he decided to change to BT. He has been trying to obtain a MAC code from Pipex for the last 3 weeks or so but with no success despite their promises that it would be in the post within 5 working days. Since then there has been a succession of promises and untruths (?) but no MAC code. In one call Pipex said that no MAC code was required as the line was now free (or words to that effect). The latest subterfuge was to state on the phone that the operator's computer was down so she was unable to investigate the case but would ring back. Needless to say no further call was received.
I see that in the OFCOM site it states that if you want to complain one should call them on 02079813040 or 03001233333. Has anyone used OFCOM to complain and got any joy? I am so disillusioned with regulatory authorities, etc. that I am loathe to even try asking for their help.

  grey george 19:34 14 Aug 2008

With any kind of official complaint it is best to put things in writting. Other wise you have no proof of the corrospondance that has interchanged. Send a recorded letter to Pipex requesting your mac code within seven days and stateing if it's not forth coming you will take this up with OFCOM. You will then have some solid evidence to present in your case.

  RobCharles1981 19:38 14 Aug 2008

Hi Douglas before you consider setting up camp with BT for good advice on choosing so goto click here and look at the ISP Ratings to grasp an Idea on what others have rated BT you will be supprised.

  m800afc 20:19 14 Aug 2008

I had problems obtaining a valid MAC code from AOL. The one they issued did not work for some reason, but AOL said they could not change it until it "Expired" in 28 days. I got in touch with OFCOM, who said they would look into it. The following day I received a new MAC code. I changed ISP to my new supplier. About a week later, I received a pro-forma "apology" from AOL, which I gather they were required by OFFCOM to do.

  AlHill 08:47 15 Aug 2008

Hi there, my parents experienced a similar thing when switching from AOL, so like you, I told them to mention Ofcom and that seemed to get the ball rolling. Your provider is legally obliged to provide you with a MAC code within 5 working days, and you do need one to switch regardless of what Pipex may be telling you. If you're still not having any joy, I'd suggest talking with Ofcom. I've pulled some info on how to do this, hope it helps and good luck click here

  Technotiger 09:49 15 Aug 2008

I thoroughly recommend BT as an ISP. I have been with BT for years, and I have always had very good service. I presently have BT Total Broadband, Option3.

I know lots of people slate BT, but I have never had any complaints with BT. I don't take any notice of so-called Ratings - I go by my own experiences.

  Pine Man 13:03 15 Aug 2008

'you do need one to switch regardless of what Pipex may be telling you'

Not necessarily so. If you read the initial thread there is a suggestion that Pipex have disconnected their equipment. 'In one call Pipex said that no MAC code was required as the line was now free (or words to that effect).'

If that is the case you are effectively starting from scratch and not migrating from one company to another.

  Stuartli 13:21 15 Aug 2008

Pipex, from the early 1990s to almost the present day, was one of the best residential and business ISPs in the UK.

The final straw would appear to have been its acquisition by Tiscali.....:-(

  douglas1973 14:18 20 Aug 2008

A wonderful response to the problem I described, typical of PC Advisor readers. I comment as follows:

grey george and m800afc: Good advice. My friend sent numerous letters and emails to Pipex but received no replies whatsoever! When he spoke to them (in different parts of the world each time) they would tell him that they would get back to him but never did. On my advice he ended up phoning OFCOM and spoke to a very helpful person who said he would look into the matter. About three days later he finally got the MAC code from Pipex!

RobTheOrganGuru and TechnoTiger: I get confused with all the ratings I see and they vary so much it is impossible to come to a accurate conclusion. I am sticking with BT because I have had an almost uninterrupted and reliable broadband service for a long time. I have to say though that when I used their technical support about two years ago it was very poor. I know someone in BT and only after I asked her to help did I get my problems resolved.

Stuartli: Yes, Pipex was good. That is why I recommended Pipex to my friend. That was when technical support was provided by them in Milton Keynes. I think you are right - when Tiscali took over Pipex changed completely and is no longer reliable (to put it lightly).

  Baskerville 13:42 03 Sep 2008

Hi douglas1973.

Pipex has gone to the dogs, I'm still having billing problems and I left them over a month ago.

click here

Hope you get sorted, I'm with o2 and they have been really good,


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