Mac can't connect to iCloud

  martinbaker2727 13:25 07 Dec 2018

For several days when I open my Mail, I get a pop-up saying "This Mac can't connect to iCloud because of a problem with (my old e-mail address) Open preferences to fix this problem." Then I have the option of clicking on "Later" or "iCloud preferences." I have tried to do as suggested but I can't get anywhere because it still shows my old e-mail address and I can't find a place to change it. I probably had the old address then but there must be somewhere to change it. I'm sure I'm not the only one to change e-mail servers.

  HondaMan 21:18 07 Dec 2018

I think you will need to create another (new) iCloud identity using you new email address, then transfer from old to new

  wee eddie 23:52 07 Dec 2018

I don't know why you're bothering. You can buy a tiny FM RADIO on eBay for £8

  Pine Man 15:39 08 Dec 2018

wee eddie

Do you have the faintest idea what either a Mac or iCloud is?

  nateliv 22:14 09 Dec 2018

On the left hand side, under your picture (youmay not have one) you see your name and underneath that, your email address. Bottom of that column is a Sign Out button. Click it and signout of that iCloud account. Now sign back in using your new email address, the one associated with your Apple ID.

The above assumes that you changed the email address of your Apple ID when you got rid of the old email address.

hope that helps

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  wee eddie 23:01 09 Dec 2018

Pine Man: I was on my phone and it appears to have posted into the wrong Thread.

In answer to your question. Yes I am fully aware of what a Mac is, and also iCloud.

As someone who considers the Cloud inherently unsafe. I have a NAS Drive for my Home Network

  Pine Man 07:58 10 Dec 2018

I was on my phone and it appears to have posted into the wrong Thread.

In which case, aplogies for my facetious comment.

  martinbaker2727 13:08 10 Dec 2018

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