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Mac Book Pro late 2008 -kernel panic -need help!

  tommasky 10:51 08 Apr 2019

Hi, I really need some support from the Mac community. Here’s my problem: I own a Late 2008 Mac Book Pro serial W88492RM1G0, 2,4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, 8 GB DDR3 a 1333 MHz ( I upgraded the RAM few years ago, originally mounted the 1066 Mhz), NVIDIA GeForce 9400M 256 MB, 1 Tb Fusion Drive with 550Gb SSD and 500Gb HD.

It worked fine until 1 years ago it started having serious issues of power supply. The input of the power supply became very hot, and the Magsafe did not worked properly. The pins were stuck. I changed the Magsafe, but the new lasted few months then started again. I changed the input on the computer but still it become very hot

Then bigger issues came up: it freezes if I move it, or even alone, and then shows kernel panic messages. it restart from nothing, when I work Sometimes it does not restart and when restart there’s a beep message: 3 long beeps and 3 short beeps. It stops only if I force the shutdown Sometimes it shows the wrong way sign, once even a half apple.

Please advice on what is the issue, and how to solve it. I’m considering buying a new one, of course, please do not waste our time with such advices. I spent 300€ on new SSD and other works, I ‘d like not to lose that money.

Thanks from the core for your help


  bremner 18:01 08 Apr 2019

3 beeps means it may not be able to read the RAM

First check that it is seated properly and then take a look at this click here

I do not think the 1333Mhz modules will be running at that speed as the maximum bus speed for the machine is 1066Mhz

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