Andrew Dawson 16:01 03 Mar 2018

Hi, we are having constant problems with our macbook pro and macbook air constantly disconnecting and then reconnecting to the internet. The wifi signal bar at the top of the screen shows full strength, but every couple of minutes, it seems our wifi just disconnects - we then run the diagnostics, and low and behold, the network status icons change from amber/red to green then we are reconnected again....for about a minute or two until we have to repeat the cycle. THIS IS SO ANNOYING!! AAARGGGHHHHHH!!

Ok, we have been in touch with virgin our wifi providers, who are saying everything is fine from their end. We wonder if it has something to do with our HP ENVY 5530 Printer which is also on the wifi network - some kind of conflict or something perhaps (sorry im not very technical in the slightest)....but we always struggled to print as well....

Or perhaps it is simply a weak wifi signal - but then why the full wifi bar at the top? Also, in the past it seems we have this problem for a few weeks then it miraculously fixes itself for a while...we are now in the broken period and have been for a couple of weeks.

I personally think something is conflicting with something else somewhere...but like i say, im not technical so what would i know!!

Any advice/help?

PS. we also got on with apple support a while ago for about an hour and they couldn't understand why either....

  bremner 17:26 03 Mar 2018

What is the make and model of the router, do you other devices connecting to it without problem and have you tried a different router

  mgmcc 14:59 06 Mar 2018

It might be worth going into the router's wireless settings and changing the channel number. Very commonly used channels are 6 and 11 so try setting one such as 3 or 8. This could help to avoid conflict issues with neighbours' WiFi.

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