Mac app store not letting me get to Mac os x lion! just get a blank window.

  Jwbjnwolf 16:05 20 Jul 2011

This is the exactly same problem as what I am having, is any other Mac fellows here in the UK having this prob?

I have asked about this on the Apple discussions, but now I cannot get to it. Safari, Firefox, and Opera all saying server not found just a moment after posting on it.

Thanks Jason

  retep888™ 16:30 20 Jul 2011

Fine for me.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:54 20 Jul 2011

Fine now.

one thing though, I thought that they were removing the light up dots underneath open applications, but glad to see that they are still there, although I have started to put in categories stacks instead of one application stack.

Anyways, will be downloading on Saturday when have cheaper electric, as going to take up the whole day.

Will be the largest thing I have ever downloaded.

Largest download has been 900mb.


  retep888™ 15:05 27 Jul 2011

*How is your Lion taming going*?

I've done 3 ,another one to go.

All are working very smoothly on iMac/Macbook Pro/Macbook Air and quicker than Snow Leopard (don't know why someone said on the net that Lion would slow down your Mac regardless how powerful it is).

Downloading time is around 43 min & installing time is 33 min, minimal user input is needed and everything is up and running as before, brilliant.

Love the swipe page function in Safari but if you're using other browser then you might find the 2 fingers swipe function is disabled, some setting change needs to be done in System Preferences and a track pad is a must if you want to enjoy the full function of Lion.

  Jwbjnwolf 19:56 03 Aug 2011

I am finding lion such a pleasure to use OS.

I really loved Snow leopard but Lion is amazing for all the things it does. I love the automatic word correction which works just like iOS, and I find the magic mouse such a pleasing device even more now because of every new thing that you can do with it.

The 3 main features that I really take advantage of is safari, mail in fullscreen, along with other apps, The swiping between workspaces, and the resume feature for automatic startup of apps that didn't exit on shutdown. I much prefer the single finger swipe for going back/forward a page/site in safari. Although I have Opera and Firefox as well, I mostly use Safari so I don't care about opera or firefox not having the features.

Before I downloaded it, I thought that I were not going to use fullscreen but Lion has proved to me how useful it actually is. I really like the double tap to zoom on the mouse above the Apple Logo.

the feature that took a while for me to work out was the screen zoom. It took me quite a while to find the switch to enable it, as that is what I use a lot.

I actually downloaded on the friday evening whilst I slept, and then it actually took around 15 minutes to install, (upgrade)

I was upset of not seeing an introduction video, but oh well, maybe next time.

The only thing that was incompatible was Parallels Desktop, but I just downloaded an updating one and installed that on top of the previous.

I think it is fantastic, lion being the biggest update and not even requiring a long drive to iStore(soon to be replaced by a Big Apple store in september which will be 2nd biggest) or order and wait for a few days for it to arrive.

Out of ten, I give it 1 massive TEN.

I never have been so excited about a new OS upgrade, and Lion is so astounding, Really makes my Mac roar like it never has roared before.

  Jwbjnwolf 15:09 30 Sep 2011

I have installed bettertouchtool">">bettertouchtool, which is brilliant, and have got very similar gestures as what got with trackpad, and it is really useful, a mouse with all the trackpad gestures that I could possibly want. but I guess you dont know until they bring out more, as I always thought that snow leapard is more than you possibly would want.

here is a picture that i have put as my boot screen. LOL! I love these windows vs mac or windows vs linux cartoony pictures but I really am impressed with win8! it certainly is not an old banger like in the image. I loved xp the most out of windows but I sure Love win8. best windows yet and it aint even in beta yet!

  retep888™ 16:50 30 Sep 2011

Your better touch tool link click here

Looks interesting but don't like running Windows features on my Mac though. :-)

  Jwbjnwolf 17:21 30 Sep 2011

Bettertouchtool is not windows stuff on Mac, it just is to enhance your magic trackpad/mouse and remote control like adding trackpad stuff to mouse. It even adds cicking combinations to standard mice but havnt tried that as use magic mouse. And It can also add keyboard shortcuts as well as modifyer key+gesture E.g: pinching zooms in window Pinching+modifier key such as cmd screen zooms. Although screen zoom is cmd+scroll

  Jwbjnwolf 17:50 30 Sep 2011

Here is the site it should gone to

  Jwbjnwolf 17:52 30 Sep 2011

Oh yeah, the feature that is from windows 7 isthe window clipping feature when you movete window to a corner or side.

  Jwbjnwolf 17:54 30 Sep 2011

Sorry for spelling, using my iPod touch and it sems the mobile site post editor still needs a bt of improving with iPod touch

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