MAC Addresses - Confusion

  Jester2K 13:17 10 Feb 2004

Networking - not my strong point...

PC connected to Telewest BY Broadband.

Motherboard goes south.

New Motherboard with Network port installed. Plug in BB Modem all OK for 4-5 months. In fact the BB Modem is shared between the PC and a Laptop by swapping the cable.

One day PC won't connect "Page cannot be displayed error"

Few days later Laptop is the same.

Phone call to BY "Type this, click that, try this, reset that" end result is PC will talk to modem and BY can talk to modem BUT no Internet connection.

Long story, short...

Eventually engineer checks the MAC address and finds "its not on our list, sir" He adds it to the list stating it'll take up to 24 hours to work but usually works in under 2 hours.

Now if i understand this correctly each network card (PCI Slot or built into MoBo) has a (unique ??) ID called a MAC address. If this MAC Address is not on your ISPs list you cannot access the Internet through their service.

Is this correct?

If so, why would it work fine for 4-5 months then die?

If i replace MY MoBo for one with a network connection built in (i currently use a BY supplied PCI Card) will i need to give BY the new MAC address for it to work?

I sort of understand but something not quite clicking....

  hinchie Y2K III 13:21 10 Feb 2004

hi jester, yes you will need to give your new mac address to enable the connection.
We are the same here in the university as when we have new computers we have to register them onto what are called tables.
I know that if there is no activity from the particular address after a certain length of time the address gets kicked off the tables.

hope this helps

  Jester2K 13:33 10 Feb 2004

Excellent so thats clarifies that bit. The connection hasn't been idle for any amount of time. I wondered if Telewest check and clear down unauthorized MACs from time to time maybe?

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