Mac address filtering issue

  Kate B 22:41 13 Jun 2010

Hello everyone, it's been a while. I wonder if you can help me with an issue I've never seen before which started today.

I use MAC address filtering; my server (Windows 2008 R2) handles DHCP; the router is a Linksys WAG160N.

Earlier today I went to add a laptop to the MAC filter and couldn't - the router threw up the error message "The MAC address cannot be the multicast address". I disabled MAC filtering, punched up the wireless client list and when the laptop showed up as being a client, joined it that way. All good.

Now my iPad can't join the network - its MAC address has disappeared from the allowed list and when I try to add it, I get the same error message. The trick I used earlier doesn't work.

Just to be sure, I deleted the iPad from the DHCP list on the server. With MAC filtering turned off, it rejoined the network and showed up in the DHCP list again.

There are plenty of slots left to add further devices to the MAC filter list and the iPad has been a client on the network perfectly happily for as long as I've had it, which is a couple of months. This started when I added the laptop today.

Google isn't terribly helpful - and I'm scratching my head. Any thoughts? They'd be most welcome.

  mgmcc 08:33 14 Jun 2010

If I've understood a fairly complex description correctly, "Unicast" MAC addresses start with 00 and "Multicast" with 01. I currently have the MAC addresses of six network adapters listed in my router's Status page and all begin with 00, as do the LAN and WAN MAC addresses of the router itself.

Do the MAC addresses of your devices all start with 00?

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