Mac and 1 Tb SSD

  rawprawn 09:42 17 Nov 2011

I have a 1tb SSD which I used to use as a backup drive on my Windows 7 Laptop. When I bought a new Mac I switched it to that as storage for Time Machine. I have also made several folders on it using the Mac. This morning I took it to the laptop to do a backup there thinking I could just create another folder for Acronis. The problem is the laptop will not recognise it. What worries me is if it has been formatted by the Mac and cannot be recognised by windows, how do I get it back to normality? should I need it in future.

  rawprawn 09:48 17 Nov 2011

Should have said, I can see it in Disk Management. However the only option is Delete Volume

  rawprawn 10:21 17 Nov 2011

Good morning gengiscant, oh dear still asleep this morning I have a 1tb Buffalow Ministation USB Not SSD 2 external HD.The trouble is my fingers don't wait for my brain (such as it is) to catch up.

  rawprawn 10:40 17 Nov 2011

I have only just got the Mac, so I know very little about them. I suspect that your Hazarded guess is correct. I don't real need to do anything at the moment, but unless someone comes up with a better theory, I think I will take your advice. I can Partition the Buffalow using Mac then try and format it NTFS using the laptop. The problem is I may have to delete the current partition in which case I would lose all my Mac Time Machine backups.

  rawprawn 11:35 17 Nov 2011

Thanks for that Mike, I will give that a try when I decide to reformat.

  rawprawn 15:18 17 Nov 2011

I will tick this as resolved, particularly in view of the fact that I made an error when I posted the problem Thanks gengiscant and Mike.

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