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‘macOS could not be installed on your computer’

  Dean.micheli 19:00 12 May 2018

Hi. I have a 15” MacBook Pro late 2011 with Sierra OS. It has suddenly stopped starting up. Every time I try to boot up the computer, after the initial loading stage I am greeted with the above message. Underneath that It also says “The path /System/Installation/packages/OSInstall.mpkg appears to be missing or damaged.

I unfortunately have no Time machine back up to go to and also do not have a disk copy of the software. It won’t allow me to reinstall the operating system from the menu so I am out of options. I simply need to somehow reinstall be able to start up the computer, I really don’t care about losing my data at this point I just need a functioning MacBook Pro again.

Please can anyone help. Many Thanks


  Jollyjohn 21:41 12 May 2018

It would suggest you have a corrupted / damaged hard drive.

Boot and hold Command + R and install the OS to a, minimum, 32GB USB drive. Once USB drive ready use it to boot and recover your data. Run First Aid from Disk Utilities and see if your hard drive is ok.

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