Lost sterling pound sign after upgrading.

  expatmatt69 22:41 06 Nov 2015

I have upgraded to El Capitan. My MBP has spanish keyboard but english language. Before the upgrade the sterling pound sign was found by pressing shift + alt + 4. Now pressing this combination is the same as pressing shift + command + 4. What can I do to rectify this.

  bremner 08:08 07 Nov 2015

System Preferences > Keyboard > Input Sources

If not set to British click the + sign and Add British

  expatmatt69 11:39 07 Nov 2015

Makes no difference, still does the same thing.

  wee eddie 23:03 07 Nov 2015

You may need to look up the "ascii" command for your £

I don't know if Mac's use "ascii"

  Macworld 10:42 09 Nov 2015

This is a common problem with the El Capitan update.

Go to Language and Region in System Prefs > keyboard preferences > choose British. Remove US keyboard if it's there to be certain!

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