lost my mac operating systems

  goodeandy 09:28 07 Nov 2016

Does any one out there have the old operating systems Maverick. Yosemite EL Capitain I foolishly cleaned mine off and when i came to reinstall found these would mot load back on so am looking for some one with the old versions who would copy them to disc or stick and let me know what i owe you my e mail address. [email protected]

Thanks a lot Andy england U.K

  mgmcc 18:21 07 Nov 2016

I have downloaded a copy of the installation file for Yosemite (as I had it in my list of purchases) so I can put it on an SD card and let you have that.

It is normally downloaded to, and run from, the Applications folder when updating, but if you have no operating system installed, presumably you can run it from external media???

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