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Lost doc on mac os using 08 word

  Lostonmymac 07:11 14 Aug 2019

I created a document on 08 word and time machine was off as well as autosave, a prompt came up to revert the document, i thought it was a save prompt. I cannot find the original doc since, ive checked trash, and word autosave and cant find it anywhere. Is there hope?

  Lostonmymac 13:19 14 Aug 2019

So nothing on recovering the original reverted file?

  wee eddie 14:41 14 Aug 2019

Lostonmymac: It is Tanjaddaniel's first ever posting on this Forum. His posting is very likely part a Spamming Operation. Ignore what he has said.

I am not a Mac person, so I am unable to help you. We're all amateurs here and some folk only visit occasionally. Relax and wait. If you can avoid using the Mac, do so, to avoid the risk of overwriting the file, but, unless the Hard Drive is over 70% full, the risk of that happening is comparatively slim

  Forum Editor 16:33 14 Aug 2019

Did you try this:-

Click on Finder, and look for your file in this location...

/Users/username/Library/Application Support/Micirosoft/Office/Office X AutoRecovery

Look for your file and if you see it, copy it to a location of your choice.

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