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Looking to purchase an iMac

  Tilly Gibbs 12:06 03 Aug 2018

Hello everyone I’m looking to purchase an iMac but I have a bit of a budget and the new models are not within that. I’m wondering if anatomy could be me Iv been looking at the iMac 2013 and the 2015.. I’ve heard you can upgrade parts such as the ram etc any information would be great on upgrading parts too and where to get these things done I live in the uk. Also if I was to purchase of 2013 or 2015 model And upgrade certain parts would it be worth it? I’m a hobbyist photographer and would like to use it for programs such as lightroom and photoshop, I decided to go for Apple as I have an iPhone and iPad and then all my devices would be connected for when on the go. Thank you

  HondaMan 20:55 05 Aug 2018

I just got give this

You'll be sorry!

  Tilly Gibbs 00:42 06 Aug 2018

Given sorry

  wee eddie 00:55 06 Aug 2018

Tilly: In the world of Macs and PCs. There are those who think that the other is dreadful.

Your PC should serve you well for the next 5 years or so.

  bremner 08:28 06 Aug 2018


Be assured as wee eddie said the Windows machine will serve you well - simply the integration between your iPhone, iPad and the computer will not be as good.

  Pine Man 10:34 06 Aug 2018

When considering buying second hand price has to be a consideration and 'I just got give this' is hard to beat!

  Tilly Gibbs 11:57 06 Aug 2018

Yes free is always best lol

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