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Looking for a Password Manager for iOS

  BeeWee 13:55 06 Apr 2018

I’m looking for a really simple no frills password manager. Have tried last pass but find it too fussy and in-depth. Any suggestions please.

  mgmcc 14:45 07 Apr 2018

I use "Password Safe" which is a Windows program but there are compatible "PWSafe" apps for both macOS and iOS. It is also free.

Look for pwsafe 2 in the App Store from your iOS device

  Pine Man 15:48 07 Apr 2018

I have just started using Enpass. It syncs between my Mac, PC, iPad and iPhone and is very easy to use and customise.

  HondaMan 20:06 07 Apr 2018

I use Lastpass. Works fine on my iMac, laptops and iPhones

  zeppman 23:11 07 Apr 2018

I use 1Password good layout, easy to setup and does the job.

  zeppman 17:40 16 Sep 2018

I have used a few password managers. Depending on if you want free. If you want free LastPass if you want to subscribe I would recommend Dashlane.

  Ventad 13:18 17 Sep 2018

I use Norton identity safe free but you have to have a Norton account and it works through windows,IOS etc

  BeeWee 10:01 25 Sep 2018

Thank you all so much for your replies. I have settled on Avast free manager. It's simple, free and syncs between all devices. Easy to use without any bells and whistles. Just what I wanted.

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