Logic board identity theft help

  kelsiesummers 13:15 27 Nov 2015

Please, please help this damsel in distress.

I have been a victim of identity theft before so am extremely paranoid (rightly or wrongly) about it happening again. I have a question which I would love an answer to.

I've recently sold my Macbook Pro 2009. Before I did this I removed my hard drive and installed a brand new one. My question is this...

Could any of my data from my old hard drive (photos, web history, documents) have passed into the logic board and stayed there?

In particular I'm thinking about the Nvram or SMC. I know these things control backlight/fan etc, but is there ANY conceivable way this could have happened?

My paranoia is that the info that made its way across to the logic board (if indeed it did) would have then 'remigrated' to the new hard drive.

Thanks in advance,


  kelsiesummers 15:04 28 Nov 2015

Thanks - I appreciate I am being a touch paranoid. Though that's just bred out of ignorance, hence why I'm trying to learn.

I know the NVRAM keeps hold of the wifi password for the Internet Recovery option. Are you - or anyone else - aware of other things which might be saved and kept on the logic board?

  Macworld 10:31 30 Nov 2015

If your Mac had been stolen the paranoia would be founded, but how and where did you sell it? Do you have any reason to suspect that someone with malicious intentions would have bought it? A 2009 Mac is surely only going to be bought by someone with very basic skills, who wouldn't know how to get anything off the logic board. Did you get much for it? I wouldn't imagine that a Mac from 2009 would fetch a big price anyway, maybe for peace of mind you'd have been best off not selling it at all, especially factoring in the cost of the new hard drive!

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