Locking Images on MS Word Doc

  MatraSimca 23:58 24 Apr 2018

I’m looking for a way to lock down various different header and footer images to an MS Word Document. I find that when I send the document to others to read their systems whether they use a Mac or a PC tends to push these headers and footer images downwards where they overlap each other on subsequent pages and then messes up my paragraph structure.

If I save the Word Doc into a PDF format then automatic borders in the PDF program do the same things and delete parts of these images. Is there a PDF program that won’t do this or a way to lock down these images? I want the document to look the same for whomever views it on whichever system they use. Thank you.

  AroundAgain 13:13 25 Apr 2018

I've just Google'd "anchor image and caption ms word" and got these hits - see here - click here, something there will help. Otherewise modify the search term to be more accurate for your needs


  MatraSimca 18:53 25 Apr 2018

well I don't want to attach the images to any text, I want to make it part of the document like its a locked-in background header and footer image. I'm doing this with a Mac and the Anchor option isn't there under the Format Picture submenu, so any other suggestions?

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