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Linking up my Ipad air with my ISP

  lion4253 16:34 21 Jul 2015

I want to be able to use my Ipad Air to receive and send emails using my current email addresses - but I can't find a way to do tis. Any help welcome.

  matt2000 18:45 21 Jul 2015

A guide is shown HERE, if you need pop/IMAP/SMTP settings please post the name of your e-mail provider so we can post these.

  lion4253 11:21 10 Sep 2015

Sorry, matt2000, for the delay in responding - house upheaval, holidays etc. If you can still help - my ISP is

  Forum Editor 13:30 10 Sep 2015

Your iPad should do the work when you ask it to add add the account, but if it encounters a problem you may have to enter te server details manually. They are:-

Inbound mail - Outbound mail -

You'll need to enter your email address and your mailbox password.

Your iPad should do the rest.

  lion4253 14:42 10 Sep 2015

Thank you FE. Your help is much appreciated. I'm still struggling a bit with all this - but I think I'll get there in the end!

  Forum Editor 15:39 10 Sep 2015

Remember that you will almost certainly need to authenticate yourself on the servers, so be prepared to enter your Supanet password at some point. If you don't authenticate you will not be able to send or receive emails.

  lion4253 16:55 10 Sep 2015

Mission accomplished! Thank you so much!

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