Link to a local PDF opens in Finder, not Acrobat

  smith_sm 00:07 10 Dec 2016

I’m running OS X 10.11.6. I’m having problems with embedded links to files, links of this sort:


If I embed this link in a Nisus (word-processor) file and click on it, then, as expected, the file opens in my default PDF viewer.

However, if I include the link in my database (iData) or a TextEdit document, then clicking on the link opens a Finder window, with the file highlighted; I have to click again to actually open the file.

This is fairly new behavior in El Capitan. It occurs on 3 different iMacs, so I think the problem is generic; one of the iMacs is a fairly bare-bones system.

If anyone can help me troubleshoot this I’d much appreciate it!

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