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lightning to Thunderbolt adapter

  NowDus 10:12 10 Sep 2019


is there an option to connect an iPad (lightning connection) with a thunderbolt display monitor like the silver one from apple themselves.


  HondaMan 21:06 11 Sep 2019
  bremner 22:22 11 Sep 2019

Where in the link does it mention Thunderbolt?

  wee eddie 23:34 11 Sep 2019

I think that your answer is that the two protocols are not compatible. I can find no crossover cable

  wee eddie 23:42 11 Sep 2019

Rewrite> You may be able to do it in two steps.

  1. Thunderbolt to a USB3 Hub

  2. Lightening to USB3 cable and connect it to the hub.

  bremner 11:38 12 Sep 2019

That you can do what wee Eddie suggests in possible does the monitor not have a USB connection anyhow?

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