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“End ConnectAll” on waking. Connect to all what?

  Tony_T_Iger 02:38 12 Sep 2019

Hi, my MacBook Air has been acting a little funky of late, and sometimes when it wakes up I get a black screen with scripts “End ConnectAll” and then “Start ConnectDisplay”.

Is this to be expected? What all is the Macbook connected to while it’s asleep?

(For context, I have concerns that the login screen that appears after is malicious, possibly a mirror, particularly given the “Restart” and “Shut Down” buttons don’t actually shut down or restart the computer, and instead just shut off/restart the display.) This occurred for the first time <24 hours after I changed my login password for the first time in quite a while. Additionally, Bluetooth Exchange Folder has been launching on its own over the past 48 hours.

It’s possible to get rid of this and restart with a “normal” login by going a Cmd+Alt+Power restart, but if you use the power button alone, you’ll end up back with this laggy, low res, mirror-looking log in with its non-functioning restart button...


  Forum Editor 09:23 15 Sep 2019

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