Keyboard for old Apple MAC

  [DELETED] 08:50 16 Oct 2003

A friend has a 5 yr old Apple Mac whose keyboard has keys which no longer work. A new keyboard ordered from the Apple Store did not fit. His keyboard is unusual in that it could be completely dismantled by undoing a trillion little screws.

But after repeated cleaning of the keys and the critical contact circuits printed on two plastic sheets beneath the keys and re-assembly, the same 4/5 keys in a group still do not function.

Does anyone know where we could get a second hand working Apple Mac keyboard of the same vintage? This will enable him to continue to do his work while I help him to select and order a suitable Windows PC.

Many thanks in anticipation of any help offered.

  [DELETED] 11:49 16 Oct 2003

click here Try this link and type in "UK APPLE MAC KEYBOARDS". Not cheap.

  [DELETED] 12:04 16 Oct 2003

Thanks smegs;
He got a new keyboard but apparently that does not fit. I went the same route but could only find new keyboards.

Anyone know where I can source second hand which may be more of the same vintage as his Mac and so will fit?

I have zero knowledge of Apple Mac kit!!

  [DELETED] 08:53 17 Oct 2003

Anyone know of any sources for 2nd hand or older Mac kit please?

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  [DELETED] 15:36 17 Oct 2003

I have a friend who has an Apple Mac computer complete. He has now changed over to a PC. How much are you looking to pay for the lot?

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  [DELETED] 16:26 17 Oct 2003

what model is the mac i have 2 spare keyboards for free if ya wanna (xcept 4 P&P) ??

  [DELETED] 17:14 17 Oct 2003

the big budina;
Many thanks indeed!! I just hope its the same model as (shock horror!) I'm finding out that different age of Macs needs different keyboards with/without mouse connectors!!

If its the same, please do send me a mail and we can proceed offline.

Thank you as well. I went onto the site and searched but did not find anything suitable. However its a useful site to know!

Thank you too (or is that 2)! :)
He's a retired gentlemen so would obviously opt for the more economic option, and also too proud to accept gifts from myself.

Thanks all!

  [DELETED] 17:16 17 Oct 2003

Good on yer mate. I have a German keyboard for an Apple which I would have offered for the postage, but it probably wouldn't be much good for him.

  [DELETED] 17:21 17 Oct 2003

Too many "0"s ....

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