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  six-h 22:17 03 May 2007

Does anyone know the difference between " J2SE runtime environment 5.0 update 7"
and "Java Runtime Environment"

I've removed the former, and have been advised here to install the latter, but 'til I can make sense of the chronology of the various versions, I'm loath to proceed!!

Anyone help?

  phono 22:30 03 May 2007

Go to click here and download the very latest, straight from the horse's mouth.

  six-h 22:46 03 May 2007


this link also defunct.
See why I'm not keen on scrambling my registry any further.

  phono 22:50 03 May 2007

Do you mean that when you click on the link it doesn't work?

If so type it in manually or cut and paste from below, just remember to remove the space between the first and second w.


  six-h 23:03 03 May 2007

I'm getting "Punch drunk" now!
Links are functioning again, don't know what I've done!
I know I could have typed the url but that would have been to ignore the problem.
Not a good idea I find! Particularly with PC's.

The site advises me to first download the J2SE 5 version that I have had trouble with, and unloaded.
filehippo advises download version,
and now your link advises version 6 update 1
No wonder I'm confused, not to say reluctant to continue without "Guru" level advice!!

  phono 23:09 03 May 2007

See your other thread, I would trust the Sun Java download site on this, they invented Java and are a reputable company, filehippo just hold various files for download and will give no indication as to what is the latest version.

I have done some Java programming but I am far from an authority on the subject, Java is however becoming an almost indispensable part of web browsing.

  six-h 23:26 03 May 2007

Sorry to sound so defeated!
I know little about computers to start with and apreciate what you are saying about Java. Until today, I only associated it with risk of infection, similar to the way I think of ActiveX and come to that Porn sites!!
Maybe I'm being too cautious for my own good.

  Technotiger 23:31 03 May 2007

Hi, I would advise you to use phono's link, you have nothing to fear from it - perfectly genuine. Java is needed for the smooth running of your pc, especially when you are browsing the web.

  six-h 23:38 03 May 2007

Thanks for seconding phono, I feel my options are few, but don't you just hate it when a required piece of software F***s up all your nicely running machine.
I've also noticed that this damned Java install/uninstall has wiped out three of the icons in my sys tray. It has taken me ages to restore them!!
Ah well, here goes!

  phono 23:43 03 May 2007

Java is a programming language, it is designed to run in a VM or Virtual Machine, this means that a programmer writes a program in Java and providing there is a VM available it will run on any platform.

In other words, a program can be written in Java and it will run on a Windows PC, a MAC, a Linux machine or an Amiga, and so on, as all of them have a Java VM available.

Other programming languages will only produce code that will run on one platform, so if a particularly good program is available to run in Windows the code would have to be ported to other platforms, that is rewritten in a programming language supported by the other platform, a lot of work and time is involved.

Java in itself is not a bad thing but like any programming language could be open to abuse, but that is hardly its fault.

Having said all that, web sites tend to use Java applets, from my limited knowledge of the subject I believe that Java applets designed to run on web pages have certain security restrictions placed on them in that they cannot perform malicious actions on the user's PC, at least that is the theory anyway.

I hope that there is someone more knowledgeable on the subject than me who can perhaps put your mind at ease.

  six-h 23:54 03 May 2007

Thanks for all your time and patience, I have bitten the bullet and downloaded version 6 ud.1 from your link.
I dont know if I have followed the instructions correctly though, as after installation had completed, it showed a screen witha BIG green button saying "validate your installation" (Or was it verify?, anyway, it said first close then re-open your browser! which I did, and of course, the page was lost! What to do? as our TalkTalk operatives would say!

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