Java Applet Problems

  [DELETED] 19:30 14 Feb 2006

Hi all thanks to anyone that can help.

When i try and load a page with java applet menu all that comes up are red crosses if i right click on it it gives me the option to read about Java.

I have got the latest version of Java downloaded 1.5 i think it is.

I have tried changing security settings and content.

I have the same problem in both internet explorer and Firefox.

Anyone got any ideas of what i could do next?

  [DELETED] 19:36 14 Feb 2006

Try this test click here

  [DELETED] 20:35 14 Feb 2006

i tried everything i could on that site it still does not work

  [DELETED] 09:35 15 Feb 2006

Somethings to try:

Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools menu on the top bar, select Internet Options, Advanced tab, scroll down to "JIT compiler for virtual machine enabled". If it isn't ticked, click a tick in the box, click apply, OK, and then reboot your machine.

Another factor could be your Firewall, if you have one. I have Zone alarm pro, and in the Privacy setting, Mobile Code control, there are 2 boxes referring to Java. If you have Zone Alarm, ensure they are not ticked.

Maybe other Firewall programmes have similar settings. If you have a Firewall, check this.

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