Japanese Drivers for UK Machine. Will they work???

  Dearersteak 10:00 06 Dec 2003

OK... IN a nut shell, I am throwing a machine together using a few new parts, and a few old parts. In this case, the MoBo, CPU and Ram.

I have the recovery CD from the original machine, but am using different parts else where. Last time i used it after changing parts, it completely screwed up the installation. Plus its got 98 on it, and I’m planning on installing Xp. (is it possible to find the drivers on the CD and install though Xp?)
Anyway, was trying to download the drivers to install after installing Xp.

I went to MSI site, and did a search for my mother board. But it would seem that the page is down. So i can't get to the drivers. But Google has given me this click here Which I believe is the same drivers, but on the Japanese site. Are they the same files? Or is stuff going to start appearing in Japanese?

Mother Board is a MSI Slot A 6191


  Forum Editor 10:25 06 Dec 2003

which country they're in, so whether you download fron Japan or America won't make any difference - the name of the file, and the version, is what counts. Having said that, the page your link references doesn't contain a WinXP driver, and you shouldn't install another one unless MSI say that you can - the driver won't be signed for XP.

You will be able to find drivers on the recovery CD that you have, but presumably they'll be Win98 drivers, and again you mustn't use them.

  Dearersteak 10:37 06 Dec 2003

thing is, i've used these drivers before, and they have worked without any problems on Xp befor i upgraded. And am now about to us this Board again, But the drivers were off the USA site. But I find that 2000 drivers work with Xp happerly with a number of things like my pronter ech. This i belive is because Xp was Built off of 2000. So with any luck, the same will apply this time round. (fingers crossed)

Thanks for your Help.

  Forum Editor 10:52 06 Dec 2003

but many don't. It isn't quite true to say that WinXP was built off Win 2000, but there are certainly some cross-platform drivers.

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