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I've the imac 2020 Time machine doesn't work?

  Bob Au 20:18 04 Apr 2020

I saw back up fail time machine couldn't backup to I used the first aid but it didn't work . Backup up fail it couldn't back up to my external external hd. I tried to coped the files to move them to the another file before erasing it but I couldn't move them. I saw one file is differant.I've imac 2020

  HondaMan 21:55 04 Apr 2020

Being a 2020 iMac it will have Catalina installed. You need to go back to pre Mojave days in Macworld or similar magazines, and read up on the problems which the latest 2 major updates were known to be likely to cause.

  Bob Au 22:12 04 Apr 2020

Where do I find the arcles?

  HondaMan 11:44 05 Apr 2020

have a look at this Article

  appltechie 13:33 29 May 2020

I’m not sure I understand the specific problem you’re facing, but there are a couple of things you could do for general Time Machine troubleshooting: Make sure your Mac and the firmware associated with the Time Machine are running Catalina (such as the Time Capsule and AirPort). You can check if the app is 32 bit or 64 bit by going to Applications → Utilities → Activity Monitor. Click on “View” and select “Windowed Processes” to display the windowed apps you’re currently using. Next, right-click on “CPU Time” and select “Kind” from the drop-down menu. A column will appear telling you whether the app is 32-bit or 64-bit. Make sure that Time Machine is upgraded to 64 bit before using it with Catalina; Check that your drive is using the correct format. Go to Applications → Utilities → Disk Utility. Select your HD from the sidebar on the left. Click on “Erase” and choose “MacOS Extended (Journaled)” for format, “GUID Partition Map” for scheme. Click on “Erase” again - it will erase all of your disk’s contents. Then you can go to Time Machine preferences and select your drive as the backup disk (System Preferences → Time Machine → Backup Disk → Use Disk); Some of the files on your external drive may be corrupted. This can happen if you don’t eject the device safely before unplugging it. I see you’ve tried First Aid already, but maybe you could try again after reformatting the disk. Hope this helps!

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