I've had it with Windows - How about an iMac?

  Pine Man 11:25 23 Jun 2014

I've got a W7 pc which is fully protected against everything and yet I still get nasties and problems.

Last week I spent about 4 hours trying to get rid of malware that affects browsers and search engines. Yesterday I spent a long time trying to rectify a problem caused by Windows not allowing me access to several of my files, in respect of which it proudly pronounced that NOBODY was authorised to access these files - they were only copies of scans I had done two days earlier. I have now found that every folder in one of my program file folders has got itself padlocked!

It seems that, between all the bastards that are trying hack into my PC and Windows, they are doing their utmost together to screw me up completey!

I am seriously, very seriously, considering moving to an iMac.

Has anybody out there made such a move after, in my case, a life time of Windows?

I would be interested in any experiences good or bad before committing myself to considerable expenditure.

  iqs 12:14 23 Jun 2014

I once owned a Mini Mac,07 model . I felt more secure using the MAC then a Windows based PC. More so,due to the lack of malmare/viruses etc . Any PC running any OS can be infected/hacked ,in my opinion.

I would of stayed with Apple products,but much of the software I used/currently use is lacking an Apple version.

But ,if funds were available I would love a top-of-the-range iMac.

Hope this helps ?

  Pine Man 13:02 23 Jun 2014

Thanks for that.

I use MS Office and Quicken - both of which have Mac versions. I have Photoshop Elements which actually comes with a Mac installation disk.

Most of my programs aren't critical and other hardware I have appears to have Mac drivers for download.

The iMac I have my eye on probably costs at least twice as much as a Windows PC but looks as though it will be a lot easier to live with - hopefully!

  Pine Man 14:40 23 Jun 2014

Malwarebytes Premier,

Norton Internet Security Suite,


These should keep my PC secure BUT no program can make Windows behave itself and stop trying to take over my files and folders!

  Pine Man 14:41 23 Jun 2014

Should have said Malwarebytes Premium not premier:-(

  Pine Man 17:15 23 Jun 2014


I like to think I am particularly careful BUT of course nobody's perfect;-)

I was caught out by the trovi problem about a week ago which managed to slip past malwarebytes, norton and spywareblaster and play havoc with all of my browsers. This appears to creep in unannounced on the back of other software that is completely safe according Norton etc.

Apple Macs seem to me to be the way forward, albeit at additional expense.

  Forum Editor 17:45 23 Jun 2014

"Apple Macs seem to me to be the way forward"

If you're making the move simply to avoid viruses, think again - the days when Apple users could boast that their computers were unaffected by viruses are well and truly over.

You do seem to have had a particularly rough ride, and I can't help thinking it has little to do with Windows 7.

I used six Windows 7 machines for several years without a single virus infection, and since those machines were migrated to Windows 8 the same applies - not a single security problem of any kind.

  amonra 17:58 23 Jun 2014

I agree with FE you must be doing something daft to get all those infections. Try Apple by all means, but don't expect all your problems to instantly disappear.

  Pine Man 19:03 23 Jun 2014

'you must be doing something daft'

Nice bit of constructive, helpful advice - thanks.

I gave some examples of problems I have had recently to indicate why I was considering trying a mac in future. The purpose of this post was to see how others had found the change, not to be told I'm doing something daft.

I have been using Microsoft operating systems since Windows 3.11 and DOS 6.22 and fully understand the need for care but there are increasing numbers of people/organisations intent, apparently, on accessing/vandalising computers and there is little doubt, certainly in my mind, that these sort of activities affect Windows users far more than any other operating systems.

It is only fair to add that I have fancied having a mac for a while now and recent events have produced the catalyst to make me go a bit further towards that end.

So if anybody has got any experiences of the change from Windows PC to a Mac feel free to let me have them - warts and all.

  iscanut 20:29 23 Jun 2014

I have used computers since early DOS and Prestel (on a BBC computer ) and Windows 3 and have never had any sort of virus or infestation, so maybe I have been lucky but I have always had some sort of AV program installed. Sods law I will now get a problem tomorrow !

  iqs 22:26 23 Jun 2014

I run norton internet security,malware bytes (free edition) and super anti spyware . Even with these 3 program's,and scanning files I have downloaded,I have still somehow at times infected my PC.

It's part of the course ,when connecting to the net . No device is truly safe . I'm currently running anti virus on my Android phone . The first time since I have owned smart phones, I felt I needed it .

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