Itunes just won't add new music to ipad

  bear73 08:48 08 Jul 2014

This is driving me insane. With 3 days until i go on holiday i put some new cd's on to my itunes (manually on a desktop pc) and then plugged in my ipad (usb) to sync them. They just would not sync. They show in my library on itunes, i can play them on itunes but they will not sync to my ipad.

Last night i tried everything, reinstalled itunes, reset ipad, turned ipad on and off, used different usb cable and different port. Made sure all updates are up to date. Tried reloading the cd but it says it is already on there and do i want to replace, so i say yes and it still doesn't sync.

When ipad is plugged in and I click on "on this ipad" I can see the songs i want but they are faded and light grey. You can't click on them or delete them or do anything with them.

If i plug my iphone or daughters ipod touch in and sync it works fine. It is just the ipad. I notice when the sync is happening it kind of skips stage 4 of 5, which is the downloading songs bit.

Any other help or advice? this only happened since updating itunes to new version, I'm pretty sure it's a glitch with itunes and not a fault with the ipad.

I haven't tried a full restore yet but maybe that's the next step. Will i lose data if I do a full restore on the ipad?


  john bunyan 10:16 08 Jul 2014

What Operating System? Have you goy iTunes version 11.2.2 installed. See this thread for earlier issues.

Other thread

I assume your I pad has enough free space. My granddaughter creates a playlist of about 1200 songs for her iPhone to avoid overload so we set up iTunes to manually synch , and in the case of her I phone tell it to only synch this playlist. As long as everything is on your PC you will only lose the data on the iPad if you do a full restore, then you can re - synch it. I suggest you look at capacity first. I assume you are synching with a USB cable rather than iCloud / iMatch?

  bear73 10:38 08 Jul 2014

Hi, plenty of space left, lots in fact. Its a 64GB ipad. I'm using windows 8 and its itunes version

I've tryied syncing entire librbary which is was it was alwys set to do and it just goes through the motions like it's syncing but doesn't actually download the songs. I can see it skips through stage 4 when it should be loading the songs.

I've tried clicking manually manage music and ticking everything and that doesn't work either.

I always use a USB to my pc. I've tried different cables and different USB ports but no joy.


  john bunyan 12:19 08 Jul 2014

Also checked - my version is also. I have W7 as well. I will look at our devices later.

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