It's Zooming.. PCA Mach!

  spuds 14:25 07 Sep 2004

Not whinging,moaning,getting upset,throwing the toys out of the pram.. just an observation.

Been on the air for a couple of hours today, and the dear old PCA site is like old times. Its absolutely zooming along, with no error messages, lost responses and timeouts.

Great work, and a very big thank you to all PCA management.

[Hope I haven't said something wrong :o))]

  Forum Editor 14:33 07 Sep 2004

Praise indeed, and I assure you that a lot of hard work has been going on to make the improvement happen. It's early days, so let's cross our collective fingers.

  cga 15:49 07 Sep 2004

It's good anyway but it's even better when it's fast. :-)

I noticed this as well but I thought I may have just hit a lull in the load.

Well done FE (and all your little Gnomes).

  Forum Editor 18:17 07 Sep 2004

because we aren't out of the wood just yet. Credit isn't due to me, but to Oliver Dell, who has put up with my pestering for several days without a word of complaint, despite being faced with people on holiday etc.

  Dorsai 19:14 07 Sep 2004

normality does seem to have returned, so i guess anything we can't cope with is our own problem.


  CurlyWhirly 20:34 07 Sep 2004

What I normally do if I keep getting JRun errors is just log out and return later.
I have just logged in and to be honest it is flying along nicely and I have NEVER noticed it this fast so well done all of the people working in the background to keep this excellent forum up and running.

p.s. I am guessing that PCA will have 150,000 registered members before 2005 judging by how fast the figure seems to be going up!

  Forum Editor 20:56 07 Sep 2004

fingers are crossed. Mine are among them.

  cream. 21:17 07 Sep 2004

Well done guys. ;-)

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