Is it true that Mac OS computers never get viruses

  laptopdunce 14:45 13 Aug 2013

I am having awful problems with my Windows7 laptop and trying to restore it after a "sweetpacks" infection, I have been told that Mac computers never get viruses, as this Windows problem seems insoluble I am seriously thinking of ditching Windows OS and buying a Mac laptop, despite their expense, but if they are foolproof and dont get infected with these viruses that take AGES to sort out (and in my case havent yet been sorted on a brand new Sony Vaio laptop) if the Mac laptops dont get these virus infections it could be worth it in the long run to buy one. Would just like to know if they are as virusproof and simple as I have been told they are?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  wee eddie 15:42 13 Aug 2013

It is not true that Macs don't get Virus Infections, they can.

It is just that in relative terms there are very few Macs in the world and it is not really worth a Virus Writer's time when the same amount of work will have access to millions of PCs.

It is also an unwritten supposition that, in general, Mac Owners are more savvy than the huge mass of PC Owners and therefor less likely to be taken in.

  Jollyjohn 15:47 13 Aug 2013

Mac's are much less likely to get a virus than a Microsoft PC because the virus writers do not tend to target Macs.

Any computer / tablet / smartphone running any software could be infected and should be protected by anti virus software and a malware cleaner.

Malware is slightly different to a virus in that it is generally advertising related but it still messes with the operating system. If you downloaded malware onto a Mac it would upset the settings if you let it - you will probably be prompted for your password before it installs and this should be a warning.

A Mac is a nice thing to use but it is quite different to Windows. The simplest analogy is the difference between petrol and diesel cars. Also you will need to buy specific software for the Mac. There is a version of MS Office for the Mac.

In my humble opinion I do not think a Mac would resolve the issues you are having with your laptop. Having read your previous post, and contributed, I would still advise starting afresh with your laptop and installing Avast anti virus, free, and Malwarebytes.

Creating a system image is very straight forward, it is part of W7 and along with a system repair disc will very quickly recover your system if you should have any issues in the future.

  laptopdunce 19:33 13 Aug 2013

ok i am away from that laptop now till 22nd i already use avast onit and have antimalware bytes on it, after the post aboutt doing the file repair i wS more confused thzn ever have to post this now on tablet at airport

  tullie 20:15 13 Aug 2013

I think it all comes down to the individuel,some users rarely have a problem. Just look at what you are about to click on and dont visit dodgy sites etc.

  laptopdunce 00:32 14 Aug 2013

Hi Jollyjohn, back on a proper laptop again (one that works properly). It was after I had that message about checking the files via the "command prompt" from the person who said that they dont think that the "restore to facotry settings" would work, at least that is what he implies, but even after I tried the "command prompt" instruction he sent, it only went up to 38% of the scanning and then stopped and said it couldnt complete the request - it did this FOUR times, so you can see that I was even more confused about it all. But it seems to me that when I do do the "restore to factory settings" that it must SURELY get rid of whatever is causing all the problems I am having with the slow i.e. of opening pages and showing the "recover webpage" etc., banners. If it is restored to as it was when i first bought the laptop, that must surely mean that when I open up i.e. and install google chrome they MUST run in the proper manner?? Am I right in thinking this?? I realise I will have to download and re-install all the extra programmes that I use like Yahoo IM and, the Antimalwarebytes and my Avast free antivirus scanner?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE.

  retep888™ 02:03 14 Aug 2013

<<Is it true that Mac OS computers never get viruses>>

If you use a PC wisely then it'll never get a virus too, a Mac does have less chance to catch one however.

  Jollyjohn 10:38 14 Aug 2013


Doing a "restore to factory settings" will return your laptop to the condition it was in when you first got it.
There will be warnings about losing all data as the hard drive will be formatted during the process. Don't worry, you state you have backed up your personal data.

If you get the option to format the drive, accept it, and if you get a message about previous operating system file being saved in windows.old, say No thanks. We don't want any trace of the old stuff.

The other options offered by other people on this forum will help, but often only for a short while. Many of these infections hide quite deep in the system and pop up again days later.

I will do a guide to creating a system image, it is a very straight forward process, and let you know when it is done.

  laptopdunce 14:39 14 Aug 2013

Hi JollyJohn, thanks, thats what I thought, short term fixes are not the solution, as you said a full factory restore is the only option to go, I will start this procedure when I am back and with that laptop, I have looked at the sony Vaio care panel and it seems to give a full factory restore option, but of course I havent gone any further. I dont know if it will offer to keep the previous OS file, but will wait and see and of course decline that option. I guess when it is all restored to the factory settings I shall have to be VERY careful and only download programmes like from recognized sites like Cnet and Filehippo? All this happened because I tried to download a DVD copying programme and I didnt really know what I was clicking on. Thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  wiz-king 16:02 14 Aug 2013

If you do a full factory restore you will loose all the programs you put on and all your files including e-mails. Make sure you have backups and check they are virus free before doing a restore.

  laptopdunce 18:12 21 Aug 2013

JollyJohn, I should be back with my Sony laptop tomorrow, thurs 22 aug. I will probably be ready to do the factory settings restore on friday! have you any tips how I do this? is it in the SonyVaio care where there seems to be a tab to start a full factory restore? (I have already backed up my docs & photos to an external drive - I only have about 10gb of files) thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

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