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Issues with Google Chrome + Spotify on mac mini

  David French 23:26 24 Apr 2019

Hey all,

Im struggling with a couple of issues with my mac at the moment and wondered if anyone could help me. For instance:

  1. Chrome is open and I can't move the open window around, other windows that are open will move around my screen but not chrome (via dragging from the top of the open window)
  2. When I try to upload something via websites like Soundcloud/Youtube, the screen that allows me to choose the file doesn't show the cancel or upload button. They are hidden under my screen. Is there a way of moving it up.
  3. Lastly when I try to highlight the search bar in Spotify I.E. Click and drag it moves the whole window.

If any one can help me it would be amazing as I've been using this mac mini with no issues and it's my main computer at the moment!

Thank you and look forward to your help.

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