ISP and machine address

  swapper 22:47 19 Jan 2004

I'm a little confused!

I tested my PC (machine) against attack via Google - Shields UP, it seemed to be very interesting, the results told me that I have excellent security, my machine cannot be seen by anyone, and that I am in Stealth mode etc. etc.

However, in the introduction, it told me what my machine address is, and that anyone who wanted to could see it, (called the "Reverse DNS"??)

If I am in stealth mode and cannot be seen, how does this occur and is it o.k.

I'm not overconcerned after all these years, just interested.


  feb 23:07 19 Jan 2004

Hi swapper,
As I understand it,and I could be wrong, For your PC to recieve anything over the net it has to supply a return adress, so that the returning info knows where to go. The fact that you are in "stealth" means that your open ports are hidden.

  swapper 23:11 19 Jan 2004

Hi feb, that makes sense, I think I understand now,
thanks for the prompt response.

  johnnyrocker 23:33 19 Jan 2004

depending on the site used it could have been a sales tactic.


  swapper 07:44 20 Jan 2004

It was "Shields Up" johnny

  Terrahawk 08:14 20 Jan 2004

your ip adress is displayed as it is like your home postal adress you give this when you want stuff sent to you, when you search or type adresses in for web pages you are making a request for those pages and the server you requested them from needs to know where to send them hence an ip adress.

  swapper 17:02 20 Jan 2004

I can see clearly Now! :-))

Thanks all.

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