Ipod Touch 6th Gen advice

  Colsel 01:51 01 Jul 2018

Hello, I am thinking about buying an Ipod Touch 6th Gen and have some questions.

I would like to buy it so that when I go to the gym I can listen to music. I do not own a PC, Mac or mobile phone. I do own a PS4 and listen to Spotify on it.

Does the Ipod Touch 6th Gen have an app that lets me use Spotify? Would I be able to make playlists? Or do I need to buy a PC or Mac to be able to use Spotify on the Ipod Touch 6th Gen?

I read that it has 128GB and can store up to 40,000 songs but if you have a premium Spotify account it only lets you store up to 3,333 songs?

Would I be able to access ITunes through just the Ipod Touch 6th Gen or would I need to buy a PC or Mac?


  bremner 09:27 01 Jul 2018

You can download the Spotify App on an iTouch and yes you can create playlists.

iTunes Store and Music (Previously iTunes) are Apps that come on the iTouch

  Colsel 12:48 01 Jul 2018

Thanks for the reply. So if I get the Ipod Touch 6th Gen then I can do pretty much most things through Wifi and Apps? There isn't anything that I would need a PC or Mac for?

  bremner 13:59 01 Jul 2018

If you can back up to the Cloud then not really.

  jameelriaz 13:21 24 Jul 2018

Hey, yes i feel that spotify is the best option for you, & you can be able to make playlists with it.

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