Ipod Nano 7th Generation battery and name question

  kMercer 20:05 22 Oct 2015

Hello Community,

I have bought a brand new Ipod nano 7th generation yesterday, and I have 2 questions.

I have read that the battery life goes up to 30 hours, is that continuous use of music playing? I tested it on a full charge, connected to my bluetooth speaker, and played an album for about 3 hours, the battery is almost half way drained. Is this normal? Could it be the bluetooth?

Also, when I first connected it to Itunes, It automatically assigned a name to my Ipod, Rafael's Ipod, sure that's my name, but I never had to type it. Is this normal? did it retrieve my name from my windows username? Maybe this Ipod is used?

I called Apple and spoke to a technical representative, but she didn't seem to have much experience.

Trust me I have looked all over the internet for an explanation to these things, but could not find anything.

Thank you for your time.

I use windows 8 by the way

  Macworld 10:27 26 Oct 2015

I I think bluetooth is likely to be the culprit when it comes to battery life - although it does sound like you aren't getting as much battery life as I'd expect. Actually Apple states 40 hours audio playback! But if you look on their site, there are certain settings required - and they don't mention bluetooth speakers. click here for your name, I'm not a Windows user, but I'm assuming that at one point you have entered your name into the settings of your computer. The iPad will have taken it from that.

Why do you think the iPod might be used - did you buy directly from Apple or someone else?

Apple has some tips for improving battery life here: click here you know if the iPod is running iOS 9? It should be updated to the latest software.

Read this post, it might help: click here

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