iPhoto library and Photo library

  UrsulaGitte 08:41 23 Sep 2015

My computer gave me the message my hard disc is low on memory, i have been cleaning it out a bit, deleted doubles triples of some items, but than noticed when running diagnostics check i have 150Gb in iPhoto library and 150Gb in Photo library, how am i able to delete the photos that are unnecessary but taking up 150Gb of my drive or do i put the iPhoto library on an external drive and just delete it from my Mac?

Thank You

  Macworld 10:45 23 Sep 2015

It's not actually the case that there is 150GB in both libraries, there is one photo library that is 150GB and it's linked to both applications. Apple could have made this a bit more obvious!

If you want to make lots of space though you could indeed move your Photo/Photos library to an external hard drive, once you have copied over the library, open the app while holding down the Alt key and tell it that's where to locate the images. Don't delete anything until you know that it's all working!

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