iPhone/Mac photo sync using Photos

  Andy80 12:08 07 Aug 2017


I've recently synced all my iPhone photos to the Photos app on my Mac. I realised I had a lot of junk there and have painstakingly gone through and deleted all the junky photos that I don't cherish off my Mac.

Is there anyway to sync my iPhone with my Mac so that I don't land up re-importing all the photos that I've deleted? There doesn't seem to be many options in preferences. Maybe theres a setting on the phone that I'm unaware of?

Please Help!

  rudyhill 11:32 29 Aug 2017

I think the only way is to delete these junk photos on your iPhone and sync Photos to Mac then. Any app will sync all photos you have in iPhone to your Mac Photos (or you'll have to uncheck junk photos manually, but I'm not sure there are settings to sync separate photos from iPhone to Mac).

I'm using SyncMate Expert (click here to sync iPhone with Mac, but it syncs images from iPhone to Mac only, not from Mac to iPhone.

  rudyhill 11:34 29 Aug 2017

Sorry, post the link in a wrong way

Here it is click here

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