iPhone won't sync from iMac due to iCloud Music

  PoshMac 04:15 25 Nov 2015

iPhone won't sync from iMac due to iCloud Music (will iCloud Library save my playlists from Apple Music)

So... I seem to have the same problem as everyone else, and I have read tons and tons of ideas on how to solve this, but still without finding a solution.

So... I have a very large music library (50.000+ songs), so I can not use iTunes Match, and see no idea in it, as I have no need to have access to my whole library on my iphone and iPad - only on my iMac, on which it is already located.

Good! So far everything is OK.

Then... I use Apple Music on my iphone, and it works fine - I do not use it on my iMac, so that's fine too, BUT... Alongside my Apple Music content on my iPhone, i would like to have some of the music from my iMac that is NOT available on Apple Music, right? (like say Mike Oldfield's AMAROK-album) But I can not sync this to my iPhone due to the iCloud Music Library is turned on.

OK. So... what the frack do I do? I have seen almost everywhere, that I can "just turn off iCloud Music library on the iphone", right! but that will delete all the content I have in my Apple Music playlists.

The question I have is like this: If I turn OFF iCloud Music Library it will delete all the Apple Music content on my iPhone, and I can then sync my iMac-stuff onto my iPhone, BUT... when I turn back on my iCloud Music library, what will then happen? Will it have kept my music AND playlists in the cloud, so I can just re-download these? or will I have to find everything once again and make my playlists? THIS is the question I haven't been able to find an answer to.

Quite litterally: WILL MY APPLE MUSIC PLAYLISTS BE SAVED IN THE CLOUD FOR RE-DOWNLOAD when the button is activated again.

If so, I have no worries about turning it OFF, syncing locally to my iMac, and then turning it back ON again, but I wouldn't be happy, if I would have to find each song once again on Apple Music, and re-organize everything once more.

Does anyone know what I mean? Are you with me on this? and does anyone have an answer or a solution?

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  Macworld 11:01 26 Nov 2015

I've asked one of our contributors to look into this as it seems to be quite a major issue if what you say it true. Will keep you posted.

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