iphone se mail being deleted

  awest3 12:55 28 Mar 2018

HI, I have an IPhone SE. I also have an iPad 3 plus a PC. I had the iPhone and iPad set up to be able to read emails which would also go to my PC. Just last week I found that if I delete an email from my iPhone it stops it going to my PC. What I tend to do is have a quick look at my emails on my iPhone, respond to anything urgent but delete any other emails and look at them later on my PC. If I delete them off my iPhone they do not arrive on my PC. Something has changed but I'm not sure what!. I have my iPhone/iPad set up to use POP settings. I can't seem to find where to change, whatever setting it is, back so I can have my emails delivered to all devices and not be deleted on all devices when I delete them on one device. Any help gratefully received as ever. Al

  Forum Editor 15:01 28 Mar 2018

A POP account deletes mail from the server as soon as it has been downloaded to one device - you'll need to setup your account as IMAP.

  awest3 15:38 28 Mar 2018

Thanks for the reply, but I've had this pop account and iPhone for some years (iPhone 4s previously) and its never worked like that. All my emails are still on the server, you get a choice of either delete emails after 14 days or leave on the server. Mine are still on the server so I can resend them if I need to. I always believed that MAPI worked in the way you state.

  awest3 15:41 28 Mar 2018

For MAPI read IMAP....

  Forum Editor 16:13 28 Mar 2018

The default for POP accounts is to delete mail from the server. If you have configured the account settings to leave mail on the server, then it should be retrieved by mail clients on other devices.

The problem with leaving mail on the server is that you will have to keep manually deleting it - if you don't, your mailbox will eventually reach the limit set by your service provider, and you will no longer receive any mail - it will be bounced back to the senders.

IMAP is better in this context.

  awest3 16:25 28 Mar 2018

My head is now in a spin.........Just signed onto the email server to find all my emails gone! save for todays... Also found some access to my email from something called 'like Gecko'ios. Seems this is normal and is ios accessing emails on iPhone or iPad. I've just checked all my email accounts and all say leave a copy on the server! except one icloud impa account which does not seem to have this option...

  awest3 16:30 28 Mar 2018

You are correct which is why I ask it to keep all emails.....my email provider says I have enough space for 5 million more emails...I only get about 5-10 a day so that's not a problem. What is a problem is that something has changed over the last two weeks or so, maybe I did it who knows? but what I need is an expert to tell me how to reset back to how it was. i.e. not deleting emails just because they have been read and deleted on one device and why have all my emails on the server been deleted....?

  Forum Editor 16:35 28 Mar 2018

'Like Gecko' is reference to a Mozilla browser - it shows that you logged in from (in your case) Safari.

Your iCloud IMAP account will store messages on the server.

  Forum Editor 16:40 28 Mar 2018

"...what I need is an expert to tell me how to reset back to how it was. i.e. not deleting emails just because they have been read and deleted on one device...

I have told you - configure the account as IMAP, and the problem will go away.

A POP account will delete the messages on the server, unless you tell it to leave them there for a set period. If you don't retrieve them on other devices within that period, they will be deleted.

I can't tell you why all your messages were deleted, but they were. There's nothing you can do about that. There may have been a server error, but that's rare. Ask your service provider.

  awest3 17:14 28 Mar 2018

OMG! Sorry guys I've been wasting your time I'm afraid. I spent a little time thinking back to things that may have happened two weeks or so ago...! I remembered something iCloud not working correctly so I reset the account. In doing so I set it to sync my emails...Aghhhhhhhhh! so it has merrily been deleting emails from other accounts, inc my server, where I had deleted them on one device or the other...I have now removed my email from iCloud and all is back to normal. I have to delete any emails from each account on my PC, iPhone and Pad which is exactly what I want. I know most people want the opposite but for me saving space on my apple devices and then having the ability to read emails later on my PC is just what I want. sorry to have been a pain and thanks for your suggestions. Al

  awest3 11:38 30 Mar 2018

Nice wording Format editor. "I have told you", you're not talking to naughty children so it may be as well to moderate your wording. And you are still wrong, POP only deletes what you tell it to, tick the box to always keep a copy on the server and it does. So long as you do not sync your email accounts with something like iCloud they are not deleted from other accounts or your server account. I can prove this if you would like. I believe it's IMAP which works in the way you suggest.

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