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Iphone blocked until new id entered

  john bunyan 18:37 30 Jan 2020

I have an Apple iPhone 6s and I tunes etc. Out of the blue my phone , on entering the passcode, required my Apple ID. It did not like the one I put in.It made me change the password. Very annoying as luckily I was at home and found my cribsheet. I tried resetting the phone before changing the I d but the same message popped up and I couldn’t use the phone. Events put a new I D in and all seems well. I’ll have to check my I tunes a/c on my PC. Is this unique. Google does know about it

  john bunyan 07:40 01 Feb 2020

No response. New password works but still don’t know why it happened . Will mark as resolved as it seems no one else had the problem

  falcon7878 11:12 13 Mar 2020

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  wee eddie 14:15 13 Mar 2020

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