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iPhone 6s waiting for iPhone restore (ERROR 4005)

  edroevdfr 09:31 17 Apr 2019

Dear all,

I want to ask if someone knows the problem I have with an iPhone 6s, I bought it from a friend. The first time I tried to boot it it showed the "connect to iTunes" logo so I attached it to my pc for the very first time (original cable and I use a macbook pro WITH THE LATEST iTunes version installed). The restore process started but then just freezes when the "Waiting for iPhone" logo shows up. It took more than 15 min before iTunes showed an error 4005. After that I detached the phone and tried other USB ports. This showed the exact same problem. After that I tried another pc (windows) and there it showed exactly the same at different USB ports aswel. So then I got into 3rd party software like Mac FoneLab and 3U Tools but also those software didn't do it. I tried replacing the screen AND the battery but that aswel didn't change anything. The phone boots up it says connect to iTunes I restore and then it freezes after extracting the software when the iTunes bar shows "Waiting for iPhone"

I hope I don't get answers like just go to an apple store and ask them what's wrong because I think we all know what their answer would be : " I think it is time you should buy a new phone because repairing this one will probably cost you 200 $..."

Okay anyways, THANKS IN ADVANCE!

Kind regards,


  edroevdfr 09:41 17 Apr 2019

Btw, if I opened device manager while I was working on windows during the restore process, the pc makes a "device connected" sound and after that it makes a "device disconnected", that's when the freeze starts.

  bremner 16:50 17 Apr 2019

Have a look at this 4005 error

  NikkiBella 13:19 28 Jul 2019

I finally found a fix that worked for me--and it's incredibly simple. Do exactly what the OP says; the only difference: hold the iPhone's "home" button from the moment you connect it until you're further into the process than you have been. That easy. (And it'll be obvious when to release the button: you'll see a lot of new activity both in iTunes and on the phone itself.) Or read this - iTunes Error 4005. Hope this helps.

  NikkiBella 13:29 28 Jul 2019

Sure it will be useful for someone one day to fix iTunes Error 4005.

  Bill Chan 11:33 11 Sep 2019

This should be a pretty common problem, but since you have tried swithching cables, it should be the result of connection. You can ask FoneLab for a refund and try another tool called TunesKit [iphone system repair ]1.It fix my iphone 4013 error last time. And I personally believe it woutld be easier to try 3rd party tool than find the cause and solution yourself.

1]: [click here

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