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iPhone 6s battery usage poor

  john bunyan 14:14 12 Jan 2019

I had a new iPhone 6s battery fitted a few months ago. When used simply as a phone, the battery lasts quite well. Particularly since IOS update 12.1.2 the battery drains quite quickly when surfing, - I think even quicker when not on WiFi. Maybe it’s just me, but I wonder if others are finding the same?

  HondaMan 15:25 12 Jan 2019

Apple did install some software which made the battery in older phones drain more quickly than newer phones. If you search on this forum or on Macworld you should find some information about this.

  bremner 17:36 12 Jan 2019

Apple actually slowed down old phones to make the battery last longer click here not to drain quicker

  john bunyan 18:51 12 Jan 2019

Thanks all. I did get a new battery. I see no reason to be forced to buy a £700 - £900 phone when my one , can be about £195 used, does all I need.

  HondaMan 10:37 13 Jan 2019

I stand corrected!

  john bunyan 11:23 13 Jan 2019

Not corrected! Thanks for input. However the battery drain seems to be far worse when surfing than in normal phone use.

  akincil472 06:53 14 Jan 2019

Apple did something in the new software update because ever since then I was having the same problem and I thought it's happening to everyone too because my friend told me her iPhone drains battery way too much now. But she sold it and bought iPhone 6s from some website named click here for £149.99 and it's working perfectly. Maybe I should do the same.

  wee eddie 18:51 20 Jan 2019

Is it not obvious that surfing uses more power than a phone while it's on standby

  john bunyan 19:19 20 Jan 2019

All I know is that on my iPhone 6s, surfing drains the battery quicker than in phone mode.

  wee eddie 19:33 20 Jan 2019

So does every other phone

  john bunyan 19:37 20 Jan 2019

It seems worse after the latest IOS update 12.1.2

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