iPad....or Galaxy Tab? Opinions please!

  hawthorn59 19:24 24 Nov 2012

Help! I am in a dilemma! i currently have an iPhone 4s, which I am happy enough with. I dont have a mac, just a laptop/pc.

I want to buy possibly an iPad, mainly for use in my one man band performances, as a way of displaying lyrics of songs. I have seen it in operation doing just that and it does it very well.

However Im wondering if I should get a Samsung Galaxy tablet instead (which one? dont know!?). Im wondering if the whole apple thing is over rated and over priced. If I got the Samsung , then at next phone upgrade I would probably change to the Galaxy phone too. I hate the idea of having to use iTunes to put music from my laptop on my iPhone.

I would be going for an iPad2 which are currently €399. I suppose Im looking for general recommendations.......iPhone v Galaxy Phone, iPad v Galaxy Pad, having to use iTunes for transferring music (I prefer WMP)v not having to....! Or is Apple so bl**dy good that its worth the price and the iTunes hassle??

Im totally confused, please give me your opinions!



  bremner 13:54 25 Nov 2012

You are never going to get a definitive answer to your question. There will be three groups.

Many will say the iPad is by far the best Tablet and worth the premium you pay.

Many will say the Samsungs, Kindle Fires and Nexus' are as good and much cheaper.

And finally you will get the "I would never buy from Apple because they are the devil in disguise just trying for world domination and to steal your money with their shiny shiny products"

The best advice is go into a store that has a good selection, see how they perform and how they feel in your hand before deciding which suits the best.

  hawthorn59 14:45 25 Nov 2012

Thanks! I somehow knew that this would be the proper answer!!!!!!

Another question.....software on these tablets... can any of the WP type apps import MS Word docs I wonder?

Another question for the stores I guess!!!



  bremner 14:54 25 Nov 2012

I am pretty sure Andriod has an App, the IPad and Windows certainly do.

  Wuggy 17:28 25 Nov 2012

My wife has had an iPad for about a year. I have a Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 inch which I bought recently. Having used both quite frequently I can say that the iPad is superior in amost all respects. THe screen looks better on the iPad, In-Plane Switching is instant whereas there is a lag, sometimes a considerable lag, with the Galaxy. Photos and videos look better on the iPad. Scrolling in web pages is also much smoother with the iPad. BUT, and there are 2 big buts. 1. My 16GB Galaxy cost £188 (with a £50 cash back via Samsung). The 16GB iPad 2 costs £329 and the iPad 3 £399. 2. The Galaxy takes an up to 32GB Micro SD card to extend storage to 48GB (card costs £14 from Amazon). And, of course the biggest benefit of the Galaxy over the iPad is you can simply stick your memory card in your PC and transfer over all the music, videos and photos you want without having to jump through hoops using Apple's horrendous iTunes to transfer/ sync with the PC to iPad. All in all, the Galaxy is cheaper, you can add storage and transferring files is easy BUT the iPad looks and performs better.

  Forum Editor 18:46 25 Nov 2012

I'm in full agreement with the opinion expressed at the end of Wuggy's excellent assessment - for me the iPad beats the Galaxy Tab hands down.

As for your question about MS Word docs, you can already open and edit the files on an iPad in a number of ways, but the good news is that Microsoft is about to launch a version of Office 2012 specifically for the iPad.

  hawthorn59 02:04 26 Nov 2012

Thank you everybody!

  Forum Editor 10:58 27 Nov 2012


People in the business will tell you that currently almost all SMS-sending malware, mobile botnets, spyware, and destructive Trojans are targeting Android devices.

That isn't to say that Apple iOS isn't vulnerable - it is - but at the moment it isn't suffering anywhere near as much as Android in this respect.

  hawthorn59 04:42 04 Dec 2012

And finally.....I've also read some good reviews on the Google Nexus 10. And thoughts on it v iPad 2?



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