iPad....or Galaxy Tab? Opinions please!

  hawthorn59 04:28 23 Nov 2012

Help! I am in a dilemma! i currently have an iPhone 4s, which I am happy enough with. I dont have a mac, just a laptop/pc.

I want to buy possibly an iPad, mainly for use in my one man band performances, as a way of displaying lyrics of songs. I have seen it in operation doing just that and it does it very well.

However Im wondering if I should get a Samsung Galaxy tablet instead (which one? dont know!?). Im wondering if the whole apple thing is over rated and over priced. If I got the Samsung , then at next phone upgrade I would probably change to the Galaxy phone too. I hate the idea of having to use iTunes to put music from my laptop on my iPhone.

I would be going for an iPad2 which are currently €399. I suppose Im looking for general recommendations.......iPhone v Galaxy Phone, iPad v Galaxy Pad, having to use iTunes for transferring music (I prefer WMP)v not having to....! Or is Apple so bl**dy good that its worth the price and the iTunes hassle??

Im totally confused, please give me your opinions!



  v1asco 15:46 25 Nov 2012

I have the galaxy note 10.1. It's my first tablet as I have always thought them a bit gimmicky.

This model seems to da more than I need. The advantage with the pen is fine control, practically pin point accuracy.

I can download what I want to it, they are plenty of apps, it even has infra red control for replacing tv remotes.

The Apple is an Apple, seems tied to I things and I have never liked that.

If you google Ipad/Galaxy they are a few demos of pros and cons.

  hawthorn59 03:24 28 Nov 2012

Yes sorry, I posted it in the mobile-phone forum but there were no replies even after a few days, so I thought maybe it was a quiet forum, and posted it elsewhere.

If this was a problem, sorry!


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