Ipad3 for windows live mail.

  Lortaybill_ 09:45 31 Jul 2012

When abroad I can view my Windows live mail that I normally see at home via Virgin media.I cannot use it to reply of course because I'm not connected to my ISP. If I buy an Ipad3 will I be able to do the same considering Windows Live Mail is a M.Soft windows product?

  Ventad 20:50 31 Jul 2012

As long as you can connect to the Internet anywhere in the world you can read and send emails through hotmail . Try this link your account plus password.

enter link description here

  Ventad 20:57 31 Jul 2012

Or this link and click on email top right Click here

  Ventad 20:57 31 Jul 2012

Or this link and click on email top right Click here

  Woolwell 22:28 31 Jul 2012

ventad gives an answer using a different e-mail address. You can do the same with gmail.

The iPad has its own e-mail app. You enter into it the same settings as Windows Live Mail and you can access your e-mail. You will need to leave the e-mails on the server otherwise they will only be visible on one device. When overseas or away from home you often have to change smtp settings in order to send. I find it easier to use webmail to read and receive in this case. With Virgin you can go to their site using your browser on the iPad and log in to your e-mail. You can do this with any device.

  Lortaybill_ 22:54 31 Jul 2012

Thanks Woolwell. I can borrow an Ipad and try what you suggested....I did try to "add another account" on my friends Ipad3 at his location with his ISP but that failed.

  Woolwell 23:09 31 Jul 2012

I use webmail to send.

Try an apple store and get them to demonstrate.

  Ventad 10:11 01 Aug 2012

My two hotmail accounts download automatically to my iPad (new one) and I can send from the iPad too. I have other accounts that I do not want to download automatically but use netmail to these accounts on pipex and talktalk. I have never taken it abroad though .

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