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ipad3 compatible external hard drive

  johndrew 15:52 26 Nov 2013

Firstly I know nothing about ipads and this is for a Christmas present.

My son has expressed a suggestion as a gift of an external hard drive to download the content of his ipad and free up space. He understands the type would need to be a WiFi unit and believes there is no compatibility with a standard USB connector to transfer data.

As I have searched Amazon and seen several customer reviews that indicate external hard drives which are claimed to be compatible fail to perform the function, can anyone either provide more information or recommend a unit which is guaranteed (preferably by experience) to perform correctly and simply with an ipad.

With thanks in anticipation.

  johndrew 14:54 27 Nov 2013

Many thanks for your reply.

I have just looked on Amazon and the unit looks good but some reviews with respect to compatibility and use with ipad concern me.

Do you use this for other than small files? Will it work with larger files such as a film do you know?

  johndrew 10:23 28 Nov 2013

Many thanks for your candid help.

I have researched more and found quite a lot on various sites that indicates that external drives are quite limited in their use with ipad. As a result more information on some software which may enhance the function is being sought. For the moment I shall hold off spending the money.

  johndrew 13:35 28 Nov 2013

I'll leave this open to remind me to do so.

  Ventad 20:28 30 Nov 2013

And to work on the network with the iPad ie desktop PC,laptops, and NAS download the below link I use it all the time. Great bit of software.

click here

  bremner 19:26 02 Dec 2013

I use a Buffalo Linkstation NAS click hereconnected to my wireless router and the FB app Ventad has posted the link to and this works fine with both my iPad and iPhone.

  johndrew 20:08 02 Dec 2013

Many thanks for your help and suggestions.

The use of an external drive is still under consideration, but the use of File Browser (Ventad's link above) makes it look an easier proposition. However the question of uploading - especially large files (films etc) - is still a problem.

  johndrew 10:58 20 Dec 2013

Where the ipad will be used it is unlikely that a good internet connection will be available if at all.

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