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  LimestoneRock 12:17 27 Dec 2014

My iPad is 16GB and under the "Usage" heading it shows 10,8gb used with 3.0gb available. However, when I total all the volumes of the programs listed under this heading the total usage comes out at 1.4gb. I am trying to download a film with a volume of 4gb and I am getting a message that it is unable to do so because of insufficient memory. Can someone please explain why Usage states 10.8gb used yet my addition of the volumes of the programs comes out at just 1.4gb? I do not have any other videos stored and the photo content is very small.

  Woolwell 13:36 27 Dec 2014

You need to take into account the system files. I wish Apple had not sold a 16Gb model of iPad. This is only really suitable for basic operations. 32Gb is more sensible but for reasons unknown Apple have omitted this version on the new iPad and keep the 16Gb version. It can be difficult, if not impossible, to update the OS through wifi on the 16gb version and iTunes has to be used.

  LimestoneRock 14:07 27 Dec 2014

Thanks very much for your responses. Please see my next question posted separately.

  simonjary 08:25 28 Dec 2014

Some of these Ways to save space on an iPhone tips will work for iPad.

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