iPad syncing with XP

  barberosm 19:56 01 Dec 2011

Just got an iPad2 and doing very well except for syncing. I have tried to follow the manual, but every time, the whole thing hangs at stage 2. I have the up to date iTunesnand OS 5 for the iPad. Any thoughts please? David Barber

  rawprawn 12:46 02 Dec 2011

What are you trying to sync? If it's files the best I have found is Dropbox, it works perfectly on my iPad

  barberosm 15:38 02 Dec 2011

Thank you for responding. I am just trying to get it to back up and sync Outlook calendars, my CDs and contacts for starters. It gets as far as back up stage 2 then just seems to freeze. It's the c iTunes on the computer that freezes and makes no sort of connection to the iPad even though the diagnostics routine seems happy enough. I have various apps in both pad and computer but not other things. Barberosm --I.e. David

  Woolwell 16:04 02 Dec 2011

I've not had that happen but an internet search indicates that several have had it happen. I cannot find a simple solution. Have you tried turning off your anti-virus/firewall briefly while syncing? Do you meet the minimum requirements for iTunes? Is it the latest version 10.5.1? You may have to uninstall iTunes and re-install.

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