iPad or Android? What to choose

  TonyLevy 08:48 19 Jul 2013

I know this has probably been asked loads of times but here goes. I am in the market for either a new iPad or the Android equivalent. I have never owned an apple product so I am completely new to ipad's but have an android smartphone. I want to get either tablet but not sure which will suit my purpose better.

I need the tablet mainly for checking e-mail and social network sites but also to keep in contact via video with my family who reside in another country and have both iphones and android phones and tablets. At the moment I use Skype for this contact but not sure if it is available with the ipad, my budget will stretch to around the £400 mark.

Any advice would be most welcome, thank you

  morddwyd 19:13 19 Jul 2013

Very much a personal choice.

There is no doubt the iPad is popular, and people swear by iy, but i's not for everyone.

I sent mine back after a week as in my view it simply did not live up to thhe hype.

No doubt others will have a different view.

Get as much hands on experience of both systems as you possibly can.

Then reflect for a week!

  nickf 19:53 19 Jul 2013

Both apple and premium android tablets are very similar in performance. What swings it for me is the malware issues with android.

  TonyLevy 09:05 20 Jul 2013

Many thanks to both of you and I agree with nickf i am a bit worried about that malware issues as on my laptop running windows I have been hacked on several occasions.

  nickf 09:58 20 Jul 2013

I cant offer any advice for android , but for Windows there are several very good AV and anti malware programs that are free.

  Woolwell 13:18 20 Jul 2013

iPad's tend to be a bit more expensive but built well. They are fairly safe from viruses, etc. There are anti-virus programs for Android.

You can use Skype with an iPad and Android, just download the app. iPad's also have Facetime which is good for video between other Apple users.

Go to a store and try them out.

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