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iPad not automatically restarting after closing

  griffon56 15:30 24 Jul 2018

Hi All, speaking on behalf of a relative who owns an iPad the only info I have on it is that it was bought from PC World exactly 3 years ago and the receipt has the following data: Apple iPad 16GBGR 1x0000094566. The fault I'm hoping you'll rectify is that it was closed physically in its carrying case, and when the case, together with the iPad, was opened again it didn't restart automatically. No amount of stopping and starting or plugging in to the mains has had any effect. The machine remains dead at all times. What can be the answer please?

  bremner 19:44 24 Jul 2018

Have they tied a hard reset?

Hold the sleep/wake button at the top right of the device and the home button at the bottom center of the face at the same time.

Hold them both until you see the screen go black.

Wait until the white Apple logo appears.

When this happens, you can let go

  griffon56 01:34 25 Jul 2018

Thanks Bremner we'll give that a try and report back.

  Ventad 13:28 25 Jul 2018

When plugging into the mains with the charger and with the cover open does the charging symbol show on the screen after a few minutes even though the screen is black, if not first port of call is to borrow a lead and charger known to work first.

  griffon56 13:43 26 Jul 2018

Hi Bremner, initially your advice didn't work because the relative, who is interested in art programs and mostly holds her iPad in Landscape position, couldn't find the relevant buttons to press, but once she had sussed that Portrait position was required all was well and the thing returned to normal!

Thanks for your prompt response and thank you too,Ventad, tho' your tip was not required.

  Ventad 15:34 26 Jul 2018


Thanks for the update glad everything is OK now

  john bunyan 16:00 26 Jul 2018

The side button mode is best left such that the display is portrait or landscape whichever way up you hold it.

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