iPad newbie needs guidance on "mail" app.

  secret squirrell 22:43 02 Dec 2012

Just browsing my gmail messages using the pre-installed "Mail" app and touched one of the icons in the top bar and an important message has vanished!

Tried to re-create my action on an unimportant message, touching the "Arrow Icon" again in the top bar which arcs upwards to the left and two options appear: 1) Archive, and below that: 2) Delete.

I cannot imagine that my finger could possibly have brushed the "Delete" option as it is too far below the arrow icon which I was tapping, and besides, I never saw the options the first time round, and they're hard to miss being red!

Can someone tell me if I can retrieve the message, and how to achieve that!!

  retep888™ 23:04 02 Dec 2012

I think you may have archived it to one of your mail boxes.

Suggest you go back to Mailboxes & click thru' them , I'm sure you'll find it in one of them.

  secret squirrell 23:19 02 Dec 2012

How odd! retep888™ you are right! It's in the "All Mail" folder. How do I duplicate it back to the Common or Garden "Inbox"?

Can't understand why there are all these different boxes, and worst of all, I don't like the fact that the mail App always opens with the last viewed message open....is there no way of closing it prior to exiting the App?

  secret squirrell 23:26 02 Dec 2012

Just another observation, checking gmail in the more comforting surroundings of the Linux/Windows environment, I'm amazed to find that one way or another, all these storage options really do exist! lol

I'm tempted to just select the errant message here, and take the only available option "Move" to inbox.....I really just want to return to the original state.....I presume that this message did exist in both boxes..?

  Woolwell 23:31 02 Dec 2012

I don't have archive or delete on my email app on the ipad (I don't understand why no but I thought that the trash icon was delete or archive). The arrow symbol for me shows forward, reply, print.

However if you have archived then How to retrieve archive

  retep888™ 23:34 02 Dec 2012

Click Edit & move it back to where you want it to be.

  secret squirrell 23:48 02 Dec 2012

retep888™, you say "Click Edit & move it back to where you want it to be."

Does that mean I won't have a copy in the "all Mail" folder any more?

Woolwell, following your link, it seems you can disable the archive feature in "Settings".....the arrow icon you mention that gives the reply function is not in the top bar, I think that arrow is in the body of the message.

  retep888™ 00:16 03 Dec 2012

Only deleted mails appeared in my All Mail box so I don't know how you got it into there if you were sure didn't touch the delete button , so just move it back to inbox ,you'll be fine but always back up the important emails .

I prefer using Mail on my Macbook pro ,it operates slightly different from the iPad & I find it's too easy to touch a wrong button . :)

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